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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jazz and more

The brief was to make a jazz poster with set parameters of text. we also werent allowed to use any graphics beyond simple shapes and colours. I think it turned out alright. Its been adjusted with the comments of the professor in mind.
I saw this in the folder I was uploading the jazz poster from. I dont know why I didnt upload it along with the skull drawing but here it is. It was made the same was as the skull one, just without the colour. This one fortunately didnt have the line problem that the other one had.

And now just for a bonus, a fan poster I made for a website back in...grade 11. Made with Corel 8 if I remember correctly. I actually made that man, and used some online samples for he had and skull and cross bones. I could do better today with my know how and the programs there are now, but I still like it.

***EDIT: Blogger doesnt want to use the full size versions of these so theyre stuck as thumbnails only for now. I apologize. I'll try to fix that-or find out what's causing it. Usually if I reupload the pictures it works, but not this time.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Republic Heavy part 2

I finished a coloured version of my republic heavy concept drawing. This took me... a long time. But I'll be doing a lot more in the future.
I like the shininess...