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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On Call Delivery

Logo for a new company starting in Ottawa specializing in what else? Delivery. A pretty innovative idea. The company is in its infancy right now. I'll be adding the website url once the site is finished

Hoth Scouts and Hand grenades

A quick Sketch of a 1930's version of Spider-man villain, The Shocker. Inspired by the Noir series of comics from marvel comics.
trying some dual red blue lighting effects with markers on a shadow trooper variant

Rebel Hoth Soldier from Empire Strikes back. I tried some heavy line on the outside of each independant objects which worked well

A caricature of that blonde woman who's always in the sidebar ads on the spoony experiment. Just wanted to try using some heavy ink line for some of the the "rounder" shapes

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keiri LP: Silent hill 2

Mix of illustration, photography and digital effects

Friday, August 20, 2010

caricatures 1

The green dude is David Lynch.. I dont know why he scanned in green but I'm going to keep that in mind when I use that colour next time

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keiri LP: Condemned: Criminal Origins

99 Knights (-95 or so)

Ive been playing a LOT of Demon's Souls..if you cant already tell.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The legend of Smelda

I was in a very big zelda mode a couple weeks ago. drew some modernish versions of the characters and some alternate interpretations of some others. as well as drawing on a bizzaro theme with characters matching mains with inverted triforce marks. Didnt put too much into the 'poster' design but I really just wanted to showcase all of the characters. I'll upload individual drawings of them periodically for the next little while

LP-Silent Hill

Keiri Has started his LP of Silent Hill. This is the card I made for him for it. Even though Pyramid head has his obligatory cameo here, Keiri's playing through Silent Hill 1. I intentionally included PH simply because there isnt much else that says silent hill on the card except for maybe the shadows.. I tried to mimic the style used in the credit sequence of Silent Hill 2. with the heavy contrast on James Sunderland's face.

Monday, June 14, 2010

blue man

Some experimentation with negative palettes. Large Zelda project coming sooooooon

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Picture of Chris Redfield from resident evil 5. I really like how the gun turned out. Its a classic sig 556 machine gun.
Drawing I made for my friend Bianca as a going away present. She has a bolt action s75 sniper rifle. I am proud to say she enjoyed it

Drawing for Keiri's lets play of the neverhood-which he may or may not actually do. as it stands he has some technical difficulties with the game right now but I will post the video if and when it's possible.
In Chatham this weekend for renfest!! I am such a nerd...
Also, working on a big zelda project. It keeps getting larger and larger and I even have a seperate name for it. More on that geeksquad as it happens.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


updates coming soon. truth be told I've been having a 'writers block' moment last little while. Until now actually I've been relatively uninspired to work on anything. however I have a new keiri coming up soon and some other work that I will be uploading in just a little bit so stay frosty.

I'd be lying if I said it didnt have a bit to do with having finished work-but being too lazy to actually scan it. I know, right?

Friday, April 30, 2010

shiny. very very shiny

Card I made for my buddy, Frankie. Happy birthday broseph!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

recnt drawings

What if boba fett had two compadres with him. The other to outfits are based on fetts original design- the second one more based on stormtrooper armour and forest camoflage pattern. I didnt come up with names for these two but my thought process is you have tough as nails fett, a young hunter in training and an ex-trooper.
A drawing using some of my older research oh ant structures. I wanted to make an intellectual insectoid. I included a larval drawing

one of the chainsaw majini from resident evil 5. I originally wanted to draw one of the red panted ones however the purple works a lot better in contrasting the bloodstains

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Keiri Let's Plays: the white chamber Part 1

end of the year artstravaganzo part 3

This is the first of hopefully several special pieces I'm making for a let's play series forwarded by a man who goes by cmsturdy/keiri over at youtube. This first one is for a game called "White chamber" which is best described as Silent Hill in Space. Check this guy out! He does a lot of horror games and its a riot when he gets startled. I'm just teasing, he played through Afraid of monsters and I refuse to go back to that. nearly wet myself playing it the last time.

end of the year artstravaganzo part 2

Ok so this is what all the ant studying has been for. I've been waiting weeks to finish this one so I could put it up here. So here it is, the honey pot ant. Fascinating things. they're basically living refridgerators in the ant hill. They start off as workers but mature and spend their lives on the ceilings of the colonies. Other workers bring them food which they process into sugary nectar and store it in their abdomens which can grow to the size of small grapes. During dryer seasons when there isnt as much food for the colony to function as normal, the honey pot ant will regurgitate the stored nectar and feed the hive with it. There are usually dozens of these guys per colony and they never ever leave the ceilings. Interesting to note that the abdomen of a honey ant makes a yummy snack. If I ever get out to australia I should try one myself. It would be nice to encounter an animal in australia that isnt deadly poisonous eh?

end of the year artstravaganzo part 1

Some drawings I've been doing in my spare time last few days. The ant is based on a lot of ant biological studies I've been doing for another project which I will post in the part 3. I really like how his shell turned out actually. I thought it was a chance to try the warm grey but it gives it some colour without being too distracting.
Next is a drawing of Wesker from the first part of resident evil 5's final battle with him. He's supposed to be covered in vine like tentacles from a virus known as Uroboros. I was a bit worried when I was drawing them that they may not come out as clear or as organic (especially as organic) as they needed to be but they worked out nicely. I even took some liberties from the original design. theres a tentacle wrapped around his left leg and on his human arm there are a couple fighting for space. In the game they seemed to like to keep to themselves on his body.
And finally the top one. Yes that is based on matt groening's flying hellfish tatoo design from the simpsons. Dont ask what inspired me to draw that but I just had a strong urge to reimagin it. I tried out the original design first on the top left THAT IS PROPERTY OF MATT GROENING OR FOX OR WHOEVER ISNT ME. I then took that original and made it a bit more my style. with some shiny bits (of course) and a much more frocious, muscle bound design. It also turned out nicely.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

and a couple rough sketches while I'm here

prolly my favourite part of this drawing is Barry Burton. because Barry kicks ass :P

I've been feeling a little star warsy lately

some more draawrns

Yes that is killer Croc. yes he is holding a remote control
I made his lightsaber in photoshop fairly quickly. I didnt want to distract from the rest of the image by making it too digital- however the original drawing of it looked awful so I had to correct or it would have drove me nuts. it was completely see through and a very dull blue. Admittedly I didnt decide to have his sabre turned on until I had already inked the his forearm so that's my fault but it still looks gewd

Sunday, April 11, 2010

markers and MOAR!!

Just some things I've been working on when I havent been swamped by classwork. Trying to really develope my inking and marker techniques. I especially like some of the really shiny metal sections of the chariot and the brute's metallic armour plates. I took a chance with the bloodstains on the brutes arm but it actually turned out better then I was hoping.

The chariot is supposed to be a mashup of the ancient roman chariot (of course) and a modern motorcycle (if you havent guessed :P) admittedly it looks more like a variant of the modern motorcycle but I'm not complaining.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

bug illustration

just a quickie. A Japanese beetle diagram. S'about it :P

Monday, March 22, 2010

Alpha-EX-Turbo-Super-Neo-Zeo-In space: the final fight. 2. 3D

Street Fighter characters: Chun li in her alternate costume on top and the bottom image is of (clockwise) Ryu, Rose, Akuma and M Bison. I've been using Street Fighter as a muse while I practice drawing women in action poses. I'll get there ;)

Both images are scans right out of the ol sketchbook. Pencil on paper with marker and ink. I'm trying to really hone my skills with markers-also metallic items are really cool when done with marker.

More strata work is on the way. as well as some insect drawings from scientific. They're turning out really well so when I'm done those this will be where they end up. Cheers

Friday, March 12, 2010

some scenes

The wine is actually a 'plastic' texture modified to make it look like liquid.

orginally there was some blood on the floor and some of the furniture in this scene but I cut it because the lighting wouldnt work on it.. which is to say it glowed so badly it would look like you rubbed pastel on your monitor

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

some 3D

Keep an eye out for a lot more 3d work to follow. I rally enjoy working with it :D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jazz and more

The brief was to make a jazz poster with set parameters of text. we also werent allowed to use any graphics beyond simple shapes and colours. I think it turned out alright. Its been adjusted with the comments of the professor in mind.
I saw this in the folder I was uploading the jazz poster from. I dont know why I didnt upload it along with the skull drawing but here it is. It was made the same was as the skull one, just without the colour. This one fortunately didnt have the line problem that the other one had.

And now just for a bonus, a fan poster I made for a website back in...grade 11. Made with Corel 8 if I remember correctly. I actually made that man, and used some online samples for he had and skull and cross bones. I could do better today with my know how and the programs there are now, but I still like it.

***EDIT: Blogger doesnt want to use the full size versions of these so theyre stuck as thumbnails only for now. I apologize. I'll try to fix that-or find out what's causing it. Usually if I reupload the pictures it works, but not this time.