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Monday, March 22, 2010

Alpha-EX-Turbo-Super-Neo-Zeo-In space: the final fight. 2. 3D

Street Fighter characters: Chun li in her alternate costume on top and the bottom image is of (clockwise) Ryu, Rose, Akuma and M Bison. I've been using Street Fighter as a muse while I practice drawing women in action poses. I'll get there ;)

Both images are scans right out of the ol sketchbook. Pencil on paper with marker and ink. I'm trying to really hone my skills with markers-also metallic items are really cool when done with marker.

More strata work is on the way. as well as some insect drawings from scientific. They're turning out really well so when I'm done those this will be where they end up. Cheers

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