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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

end of the year artstravaganzo part 1

Some drawings I've been doing in my spare time last few days. The ant is based on a lot of ant biological studies I've been doing for another project which I will post in the part 3. I really like how his shell turned out actually. I thought it was a chance to try the warm grey but it gives it some colour without being too distracting.
Next is a drawing of Wesker from the first part of resident evil 5's final battle with him. He's supposed to be covered in vine like tentacles from a virus known as Uroboros. I was a bit worried when I was drawing them that they may not come out as clear or as organic (especially as organic) as they needed to be but they worked out nicely. I even took some liberties from the original design. theres a tentacle wrapped around his left leg and on his human arm there are a couple fighting for space. In the game they seemed to like to keep to themselves on his body.
And finally the top one. Yes that is based on matt groening's flying hellfish tatoo design from the simpsons. Dont ask what inspired me to draw that but I just had a strong urge to reimagin it. I tried out the original design first on the top left THAT IS PROPERTY OF MATT GROENING OR FOX OR WHOEVER ISNT ME. I then took that original and made it a bit more my style. with some shiny bits (of course) and a much more frocious, muscle bound design. It also turned out nicely.

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