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Monday, January 11, 2010

Caster Assignment

A technical drawing of a caster that was done during the better part of the semester. I included all three drawings in the image including a "spare parts" board (mainly used in case I screw up a step when using Illustrator) an exploded diagram showing what each part is and how it fits together as a whole and at the bottom a complex orthographic drawing detailing the ins and outs of each individual component. Fun, but my goodness did this take up a good chunk of the semester. Simple drawings were done on bond paper with pencil and ink, all the finals were printouts of illustrator files with the cadtools plugin.

But we werent done yet! A whole second part of it was done in computers class where we had to create an 'ad' for the caster with tone and a 'ghost' drawing on the housing. Sure it was more caster drawings, but at least it was something we were familiar with and creating the ad was incredibly fun. Not to mention learning how to create textures using photoshop. This was done almost entirely in photoshop with the labels created using Illustrator.

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