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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Egypt is contagious

In history class yesterday we explored artwork in ancient Egypt and I couldnt get this idea out of my head. I'm not sure anymore what provoked it but I was thinking about the God of War series and how pervasive Greek mythos is in game culture, like God of War. I thought about the contrast between Greek and Egyptian architecture and how interesting it would be to have a God of War like game except have it in Egypt. Didnt like having it a God of War clone though (albeit not a bad thing) thought about having a more slinter cell like approach. I even doodled in my notebook a main character against a wall, listening in a conversation between guards in a nearby hall. Anyways this is the drawing that was born from it. I actually used egyptian military garb as a reference for the big fella there too, and his tattoo (a perversion of the known 'eye of ra' motif)
I'm going to try and do some coloured versions of these in the next little while. I need the practice haha

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