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Monday, January 11, 2010

Shell Comparison drawings

The final project for scientific Illustration. This was done using the same technique I used for the skull comparisons. This time however there was no need for a placement outline because, as shells, they arent 'inside' anything really. This was a much stronger piece as far as reception went. I myself think its one of the strongest assignments I've had yet. In fact, it was a nice suprise when we were presenting to find that many of the problems I had with it (or thought I had with it) weren't problems at all as far as the professor was concerned.

The accompanying piece to the tonal comparison. A more detailed drawing labelling all the parts. I didnt think shells could be as complicated as the florida murex shell. The dont get much more complex though. Guess I enjoy a challenge since I B-lined towards that spiny thing the minute it was taken out of the box for us to choose.

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